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Public announcement

2020 was not easy. Parts of the global economy have vanished while other parts of it reached an unprecedented scale. GWM has grown during this period, and I'm grateful for that. 

After 4 years of activity, I'm pleased to announce that GWM video activity was acquired by Castcade and will operate as its primary video advertising infrastructure from March 1st. 

For those who're not familiar with Castcade, Castcade is a technology company that offers solutions in the OTT ecosystem. Its latest service is a content management system that allows premium content creators to expand their reach to CTV.  

I want to thank GWM's partners for putting their trust in our team and technology, as well as to the M51 team, who helped us grow and

lead this acquisition. 

A special thanks to my dear friend and partner, Ron Grabiner, who walked this inspiring journey with me. I can't wait to see how our next

chapter will turn out.

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